About Us

Our story began when we were children. We were a humble but warm-hearted family. Three brothers, three inseparable friends, supporting each other for their whole life.

As kids we often played by creating small places in the house and just sitting and talking for hours, laughing and enjoying ourselves. 

When we grew up, everyone had their own job, everyone had their own family, but we were missing something. That was our small place from childhood. 

We were able to meet once a month and go for lunch and we always chose places with nice energy, good food and a pleasant atmosphere. On one occasion one of my brothers told me about a great series that he recently watched. He told me that I really have to give it a try. It was called “Peaky Blinders”.

As a true lover of high quality series I decided to give it a shot, and if I didn’t it would probably be one of the greatest mistakes in my life.

Already after a few episodes, I knew that this was it, that we were three brothers, and I decided to become the main character, Thomas Shellby.

One of the strongest moments of the series for me was this statement: “Never sacrifice three things: Your family, your heart, and your dignity.”

That was the moment when I decided to recreate something that we already wanted, including all the best from the places that we visited for years. I knew two things, we need great food and a pleasing atmosphere. Same as Thomas in the series, the mastermind of the whole operation was me, and the restaurant got a name related to the series itself - “Shall We? Club Ltd.”

The family as a center of unity, but also a support for each individual person in society, is so dominant in the series, but also in real life. Also the idea that life is in some way a daily struggle for survival that requires courage, determination, readiness for all challenges, but again in the end through support and faith in the family but also in oneself inspired me and lightened my way.

We were brave and determined to create the place we always wanted and that we want to share with everyone who loves unique things. Therefore, “Shell We? Club Ltd." is inspired by the details from the series and this permeates every corner of the restaurant, and it is unique that all the details in the restaurant are specially made and are unique.

At the end of this story of mine that I wanted to share with you, I will invite you to come with your friends and enjoy our corner, in "Shell We? Club Ltd.” restaurant.