Restoran Shall WE Club Ltd. Beograd


A restaurant that will win you over with its charm, good food and pleasant atmosphere.


Restaurant that will win you over with charm, good food and a pleasant atmosphere

Shall we? Club Ltd. is a restaurant that was created with the idea of being unique and recognizable in our capital, but also beyond. Our idea is to get out of the clichés and to offer our guests an unforgettable atmosphere with quality food.

We found motivation in the British TV series “Peaky Blinders”, in its characters and scenery. Every corner of our club restaurant is inspired by the series and the Shelby family, i.e. its main characters. If you are a fan of this television production, you will surely enjoy our environment.

In Shall We? Club Ltd. top culinary specialties are prepared daily with specially selected quality ingredients. First-class meat, followed by Italian dough specialties and the best wines, are on our menu, and this is precisely the reason why our guests always return.

The restaurant’s working hours are from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., we are closed on Sundays.

Check out what makes us unique and we’re sure you’ll be our regular guests.

The best restaurant in Belgrade that provides great entertainment

What we can proudly say for ourselves is that in addition to excellent food and a pleasant atmosphere, we are restaurant that will also provide you with an unforgettable time. We listen to the musical tastes of our guests and try to make every visit to our place memorable for a long time.

The most beautiful friendships and love happened right in our restaurant, and that is the greatest reward for us. The friendly staff will do their best to fulfill all your requests to make you feel at home.

Visit us and be part of the great Shall We? Club Ltd. families.

Carefully selected food for specialties

Restaurant Shall We? Club Ltd. from its extensive menu, it selects pizza and pasta made according to the recipes of the best Italian chefs. Crispy dough combined with high-quality burata cheese will create a real rhapsody of flavors in your mouth.

For meat lovers, we recommend our famous T-bone steak, as well as burgers like you’ve never tried before. The secret is in first-class meat, prepared with a lot of attention and love.

Your satisfaction is our imperative.

Wine tasting with live music

Restaurant Shall We? Club Ltd. organizes special evenings of quality wine tasting with live music and wonderful harp melodies. We serve wines that are multiple award winners at international festivals, and one of our favorites is certainly the dark ruby colored Edizione.

All those who attended our tastings had a common impression, which is that their criteria for good wine has increased. With quality wines, meat specialties are the best combination, and that’s how you get the whole concept that will awaken all the senses in your body.


Kneza Danila 9, Beograd


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