Today we are talking about a wine that has won numerous awards around the world. No.1 Italian wine of 2019, rated 99 out of 100.

EDIZIONE has a dark ruby color, with an excellent aromatic complex dominated by intense fruity aromas of blackberry and cherry, enriched with notes of aromatic plants, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa and a mineral touch.

On the palate, it shows an appropriate structure that is well balanced between the embrace dictated by the alcohol and adequate freshness.

Tanini su mekani, uporni i vrlo izdržljivi. Edizione je proveo 12 meseci u bariku.The tannins are soft, persistent and very durable. Edizione spent 12 months in barrique.

But how did this perfect wine come about?

The EDIZIONE CINKUE AUTOCTONI project began in 1996, when Farnese Vini was writing the first pages of his history.

The idea of this wine arose during a curious meeting between the “wine expert” Valentino Sciotti, today the general director of the “Farnese Group”, Philippe Bacalar, the chief winemaker of the same group and the third generation of Piedmontese winemakers, Hugh Johnson, the most famous wine journalist in the world, and Jean Marc Saubois from the third generation of Bordeaux winemakers.

During that particular meeting, 18 years ago, Hugh Johnson challenged the two young winemakers: to create a “great wine” with the character of “southern Italy”, forged from the best varieties of that territory; a wine with the modest name of “table wine”, but with the soul of a “great wine”, which stands out for its ability to be unique and remarkably superior to what the market offers.

This idea was met with great enthusiasm by the two winemakers, who began to work hard and study to identify the best varieties of southern Italy and find very old vines in particularly suitable areas.

After four years of careful work and experimental harvests, 5 grape varieties have been identified, two from the Abruzzo region – Montepulciano and Sangiovese – and three from Puglia – Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera.

Finally, the first vintage of EDIZIONE CINKUE AUTOCTONI.

London was the place for the first official tasting of the newborn wine, where Hugh Johnson waited with his curious judgment.

These were his words at the first taste: „This wine has everything! The warmth, smells, flavors of southern Italy… millennial winemaking tradition, that’s exactly what we dreamed of!“

A wine that delivered excellence!

17 years have passed since then and EDIZIONE CINKUE AUTOCTONI has achieved great success and aroused great interest around the world, collecting recognitions and awards: more than 40 gold medals, many trophies, several times the title “Best red wine of Italy”.

Pairing with food (local): Best with spicy and spicy dishes, red meat, game, strong sauces, and strong cheeses.

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