What is a T-bone steak, how is it prepared, what drink is it served with, and where can you find it?

T-bone steak is the best quality piece of meat.

T-bone steak is the most valued among the many types and cuts. Unverified historical data say that the meat was first served by Martin Morrison in 1814 at the “Porter House” in Manhattan, while according to other sources, Zachariah B. Porter, the owner of the hotel on Porter Square in Cambridge, is responsible for its discovery.

T-bone steak is the royal meat

T-bone steak got its name from its distinctive appearance. That is, by the T-shaped bone located in the middle of the piece. It is exactly the border between steak on the one hand and rump steak on the other. T-bone steak is obtained from beef that, as a rule, is cut 3.2 cm parallel to the T bone and lengthwise.

Due to the perfect combination of meat, this cut comes with medium fat and marbling. Considering that it ripens and is prepared from the bone, it has not only a juicy, bigger, and recognizable sweet taste.

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T-bone steak is a real challenge even for experienced cooks

Each steak is special, but the T-bone steak stands out due to its structure, which also determines the method of preparation.

As it is very sensitive, it requires special skill and attention. Because even the smallest mistake reduces the taste. It is most often found as meat for grilling, and it is a medium variant. This means that the middle is pink and juicy, and the crust is a darker gray-brown.

T-bone steak has a characteristic aroma, so you should not overdo it with spices. It is enough to rub salt and pepper into the selected piece 45 minutes before baking. In this way, the spices will have enough time to penetrate the texture of the meat and further soften it.

After that, the meat is ready for grilling. Experts advise that you first place the steak on the hottest part of the grill. To achieve an equally nice, caramelized exterior on all sides, turn the meat every 30 seconds. When it takes on a dark color, you can transfer it to a slightly heated part of the grill.

T bone biftek

The secret to properly preparing a T-bone steak lies in the use of a thermometer. Because temperature plays an important role in determining from bloody to overcooked meat. For an ideal medium steak, you need to let it cook until the temperature in the middle reaches 65 degrees Celsius.

If you prefer a bloody steak, then remove the T-bone steak from the heat when the thermometer shows 55 degrees Celsius.

Do not cut the meat immediately after removing it from the grill. Because all the delicious juices will flow out. Let it “rest” for 10 minutes so that it stabilizes, and you get the most delicious, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth dish.

– T-bone steak goes well with wine

– T-bone steak is a real meat delicacy and is served with wine.

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