Wine tasting and wine night

Wine tasting and wine night

Wine tasting is one of the greatest pleasures for all our senses. Wine production requires great knowledge and commitment. A climate with many sunny days is needed, but also quality technology for growing vines and making wine. Later, good wine requires adequate storage, but also transport to the consumer.

Wine tasting and harp are a winning combination

“Shall We? Club Ltd. is especially dedicated to selecting quality and good wines for its guests. Accordingly, in our restaurant we often organize a pleasant evening with wine tasting and beautiful harp melodies. Evenings like this awaken all emotions and senses in your body.

Our wines are world champions

Degustacija vina i vinske noći

We offer wines that have received prestigious awards at world wine fairs. One of them is certainly Edizione Fantini, a dark ruby-colored wine that won the award for the best wine in Italy in 2019. Edizione Fantini has an intense fruity aroma of blackberry and cherry, enriched with notes of aromatic herbs, cinnamon, cloves and cocoa. Your palate will adore it and it will perfectly refresh you.

Wine tasting goes best with quality meat

Wine tasting goes well with spicy meat specialties, red meat, various sauces and cheeses. In our rich menu, you will find meals that you rarely have the opportunity to try. We attach great importance to quality, so you can enjoy burgers, pizzas, and a special specialty is the T-bone steak, which leaves you breathless.

Wine nights are a special experience

In addition to a large selection of quality red wines, we also offer white wines. Wine nights at Shall We? Club Ltd., where you have the opportunity to try wine tasting, are a special event, and you will recount your impressions with dear people for days. What is unique and that you will experience only with us is the evening of the harp, so that its soft tones combined with good food and wine will caress all your senses.